Kitchen Renovations

tile for every unique taste

Kitchen Backsplashes

A kitchen is more than appliances, cabinets, and countertops. There is a combination of details that bring everything in the kitchen together, like sinks, lighting, and of course, the backsplash. A kitchen backsplash is an easy-to-clean surface to wipe up cooking splatters and spills. But the backsplash is also a place you can be creative, and add freshness and unique fashion to your kitchen design. There’s a large range of backsplash ideas such as traditional kitchen tile, patterned tile, glass, ceramic, marble, reclaimed wood, galvanized metal, etc. We can create a perfect backsplash with any material that you’ll choose.

Kitchen Floors

Tile for flooring is by far the most attractive and efficient design for modern kitchens because it doesn’t buckle or warp from constant moisture and is remarkably easy to clean. Let us make your kitchen look brand-new. We start by tearing out your old kitchen floors and replacing them with new floors. You can decide to have us install materials you have on hand, or we can order quality materials on your behalf. From the artistry of handcrafted ceramic to the natural beauty of stone, there’s a tile for every taste. You can even select leather tiles, or for those who are antipollutionist, recycled tiles. Consider combining stone and metal tiles or glass and ceramic for a look at once unique and functional.

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